Why Working Out Isn’t Making You Skinny


The prevailing notion has long been that regular exercise ramps up our metabolism, helping us to shed pounds faster. At the very least, our metabolism should stay put when we’re exercising, right? Bad news from two new studies. 

In one, anthropologists studied the Hadza tribe, a hunter-gatherer tribe in Tanzania, to compare their metabolic rate to that of more sedentary Westerners. Their finding?

scientists calculated, the Hadza’s average metabolic rate, or the number of calories that they were burning over the course of a day, was about the same as the average metabolic rate for Westerners.

The implication, the scientists concluded, is that “active, ‘traditional’ lifestyles may not protect against obesity if diets change to promote increased caloric consumption.” That is, even active people will pack on pounds if they eat like most of us in the West.


This research is supported in another interesting review recently published, in which participants’ exercise, food intake and metabolic rates were carefully monitored. The study found that the participants’ basal metabolic rates dropped as they lost weight, even though they exercised every day and were burning up to 500 calories during that exercise. 

This research may lend credence to the popularity of such programs as the paleo diet. The Slimxpress Diet Program has long emphasized diet over exercise for the quickest weight loss results. Our weight loss centers in Washington and California will soon be offering a new program which combines the Paleo diet with the Slimxpress program.

To Read More, about the scientific studies See: Dieting vs. Exercise for Weight Loss | The New York Times

For more information on the Slimxpress Paleo Diet, see the Slimxpress Website

What exercise routines have worked well for you? Let us know in the comments…

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