Week 1=Success!

I was by no means perfect this week, but I tried so hard and was REALLY active, which is the only reason I feel like I got the results that I did.

Today we headed back from Palo Alto. We stopped for breakfast on the way home and I had an egg, but I was so exhausted/having cramps :s that I just didn’t care about food today.

SOOOOOO to the good part! This first week was so inspiring. I started at 204.8 and this morning I weighed….drum roll please….196.5!!! I lost 8.3 pounds this past week! Man that feels good. I am so happy about this! 

I am going to run to the SlimXpress clinic next week and buy a measure thing so I can check my inches lost. I already know that I haven’t been drinking enough water, but will work on that this week. I probably could have lost even more if I would have drank the water.

When you get started with the HCG Diet they spend a good amount of time talking about how important water intake is and how it flushes fat. I really need to keep this in mind.

I am feeling really inspired for Week 2. Maybe this Halloween I can wear a costume and actually look good in it! Here’s hoping!

I wanted to post these pics a week or so ago. These are from my pre-ABC filming frantic shopping trip. Hope I landed on the right outfit! I was particularly concerned because I knew I would be staning in the shots which always makes me look wide. Hopefully this outfit worked out (I wore darker jeans than what is in the picture)

Weight: 196.5
Pounds Left To Lose: 46.5




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