The Power of the Mind

There is so much I keep learning about myself as I continue the hcg diet. This past few days I have really been struggling with my mind. I honestly NEVER really feel hungry on this diet unless I had a big day at work and did lots of running around.

So yesterday I woke up really early to head to work and get a jump start on a bunch of work that I needed to get done.  I wasn’t really sleepy….but the power of my mind, fueled by force of habit insisted that I go get an iced chai from my favorite coffee shop in LA. I wish with all my heart I could say I didn’t get the drink..but I did…and it has milk, so that was a cheat. Although the caffeine definitely helped give me some extra energy for the day, I really didn’t need it.

The rest of my day was super packed, which is so good for me on this diet. When I am busy I just don’t cheat because I can barely stop what I am doing to eat. I had some grilled chicken compliments of my amazing husband for lunch, with no veggie and drank a ton of water.

I felt really anxious and stressed out when I got home so even though my dinner was heated up and ready to eat, I just couldn’t even find my appetite. Overall, I am hoping that the chai didn’t do a lot of damage.

Anyhow, I know that when I eat when I am not hungry or when I just get something, like an iced chai off the cuff it is just because I have all these bad habits from the past that I really need to break.

It is such an eye opening process as I have changed my eating habits on the hcg diet. I realize how often I would have just picked up a candy bar or just grabbed a bag of chips, or stopped by Pink Berry on the way home. I feel like not only is my metabolism re-setting, so is my mind and how I think of food. 

I have bad days when I give in to those old habits, but thankfully I am surrounded by people at the SlimXpress clinic and at home who remind me of how amazing and worth it this journey is.



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