The ‘D’ Word

discipline |ˈdisəplin|


activity or experience that provides mental or physical training 

I was talking with my husband this weekend and we came to the topic of discipline and as we talked it came full circle to how weight loss takes a lot of discipline. Everything I am going through at this point is boiling down to me being able to override mental training that was crappy and got me into this chubby situation and create a new discipline for myself.

It takes discipline for me to not only eat the foods that are on this diet, but to eat as often as the diet calls for. I have realized in the last month that discipline is a tough thing for me. Not just in my eating habits, but in other areas too. I am really working on becoming a more disciplined and I feel like if I am more disciplined in my day to day life, it will definitely help me maintain the discipline needed to be successful with the HCG diet.

One thing I can bank on with this program is that if I am doing it right, and practicing discipline I WILL lose wieght. This diet only doesn’t work when I decide to not follow the plan that was created for me.

SO…the word for me for September is DISCIPLINE…I want to rock this diet this month and show myself that I can continue to make this change and transformation.

Today I had half a bar for breakfast, some spaghetti sauce (hcg friendly) for lunch and some grilled chicken and asparagus for dinner. I drank 9 16 oz bottles of water and felt pretty good today. I got a little hungry around 2, but chugged a bottle of water and kept busy, but other than that, today was a breeze.


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