The Body That Love Built

When talking to people about weight issues I always end up saying “Love Makes You Fat”. 7 years ago, pre Julian (my hubby) I had a pretty good body and didn’t care too much about food (except ice cream) and was insanely active. Here I am, 7 years later with the body that Love built. Here is a list of ‘Loves’ that brought me to the place I am at today (that place being too large):

  • I love eating anything my amazing husband cooks (and he cooks like Paula Dean)
  • I love eating dessert
  • I love eating dessert with my husband even if I am not hungry just because it’s fun to do with him
  • I love NOT going to the gym and cuddling on the couch
  • I love carbs…especially potatoes
  • I love Starbucks frappuccinos
  • I love going out to eat late at night after a movie
  • I love eating late at night at home on the couch while cuddling with a movie
The list could go on…Love Made Me Fat!

Thank goodness for HCG!! I am happy to report that as of Saturday I had lost 19.8 pounds. I am happy with that being my total weight loss for month 1. I wasn’t perfect all the way through…I can only image what the number would be if I had been.

Here is a picture of my face 20 days ago and today…I am feeling motivated and excited about continuing and reaching my goal!


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