The 3 Tests

My trip back home was great, although tough diet wise. I did pretty good, but because I was eating at other people’s homes there were a couple of times where eating on the diet just wasn’t an option.  I did hear alot that I was looking thinner, which made me feel great. I did go swimming in my 2 piece and a tank top over it and when I took the tank top off to grab a towel I was shocked to hear my sister totally freak out saying that I should be wearing a 2 piece with no cover all the time. I think she just loves me and that is why she as saying that…but it was nice to hear either way.

Anyhow…there are 3 things that always make remind me of the weight I need to lose:

#1 Going to the beach


#2 Going shopping for jeans


#3 Seeing Pictures of Myself



But it’s not just the bad pictures that motivate me…some friends posted some old pics of me this week on Facebook….who is that girl…and how did she get buried under all this fat?!



In the past week or so I have had a serious amount of motivation. First, finding out I have a bit more time to lose weight before filming for Season 3 of Shark Tank. Secondly I went to the beach and to a pool…with some very skinny people. Third, I got to Texas without jeans and not summer dresses and it was VERY hot…so shopping was a necessary evil and finally…I saw all 4 of the pics above in ONE day! The fat ones AND the skinny ones..OUCH!

So….motivation to kick butt with the HCG Diet….CHECK!

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