Science Confirms What Your Dietitian Has Said All Along: Skip The Chips!


A massive study that lasted over 20 years and evaluated over 100,000 men and women has confirmed what dietitians and medical doctors have been saying for years, namely that eating fewer starches and refined foods like potatoes, white bread, low-fiber breakfast cereals, processed meats, sweets and soda will help get (and keep) the weight off:

The study, conducted over 20 years and published in The New England Journal of Medicine, found that among more than 100,000 men and women whose weight was evaluated at four-year intervals, the average weight gain over each period was 3.35 pounds. This corresponded with an average weight gain just shy of 17 pounds over 20 years.

The researchers also tracked how much weight specific foods caused people to gain over each four-year period. Potato chips were the worst culprit, causing people to gain 1.69 pounds, followed by potatoes in general, which caused people to gain 1.28 pounds. (French fries were worse than boiled or mashed potatoes.) This, explained Dr. Dariush Mozzafarian, a professor of epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health and the study’s lead author, could be because starches and refined carbohydrates produce bursts in blood glucose and insulin, increasing hunger and thus upping the total amount of food people eat at their next meal.

That’s right, not only are those potato chips not so great for you, but they’re actually making you more hungry than you would have been without them.

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