Quick Update

Having some internet issues tonight so I am posting this from my phone, so I will have to keep it short.

Was in trace ketosis again today. Feeling a bit thinner, my jeans are getting baggy :)

My episode of Shark Tank aired on ABC again tonight…ugh…can’t believe i went on national television being that big.

Gotta work hard so when they film the follow up I look like half of what I did last time.

Headed to the clinic tomorrow and I am going to film something that blows my mind every time I go there.

Signing off for tonight :)

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Water is Cleansing

One thing I learned at the SlimXpress clinic, not only in my first office visit, but as a reminder as I have gone along is that water is SOOOO important. Tiffany, one of the lovely ladies at the clinic has been reminding me that with the HCG diet (and any diet for that matter) the more water you drink the better. Water literally flushes fat! 

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Back to the Basics

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Wearing A Color Other Than Black

I will be completely honest…I was not 100% faithful to the diet last week and I am really sick of my crazy schedule and cannot wait to get back on track. Having company and going out a lot makes things a lot harder as far as eating right goes.  Saturday at Lego Land I had a ceasar salad for lunch…it was the healthiest thing there and I can’t stomach salad without dressing, so that was that. On the way home the twins decided they wanted burgers so we went to Island’s burgers. I cant believe I did this…but I ordered a burger, and then something Magical happened….not only could I barely eat 2 bites of it, it just didn’t taste good.

Thinking back over the last several days I realized that I havent enjoyed, or been able to eat much of anything unhealthy. I feel like the last month and a half on HCG has already made a change in my metabolism. I am so happy that when I do cheat I literally feel a little sick to my stomach and that my desire for food has changed dramatically.

In addition to this new desire for healthy foods, today I wore a shirt that wasn’t black. I seriously wear black every day. Black dress, black skirt and NEVER anything but a black shirt with jeans. I ordered a shirt online (also something I would never do pre-HCG diet) and it was a pink tank top, ordered from the Jr.’s section. I got it in the mail yesterday and it fits great! I felt so good today wearing my pink shirt. I wasn’t worried about the dreaded muffin top, I felt comfortable and confident.

Tomorrow the fam leaves and I am excited to get back on track.


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True Weight Loss Test

I have always said it is a true test of how dramatic your weight loss is if people you haven’t see think you look different.  My mother and father in law arrived yesterday, along with my adorable, twin, 4 year old brothers in law. My mother in law was my inspiration for starting the HCG diet.  When I saw her in June she looked like a different person. She had done the diet for 42 days and looked AMAZING! She is so skinny now. She was always beautiful, but she is one hot momma now! I cannot say it enough…the HCG diet is THE BEST! I cannot recommend the SlimXpress clinic any more passionately thatn I do. It’s the greatest way to do this diet because it comes with such an amazing support system.

Anyhow, I was so excited when they got here because I have repeatedly heard from them that I look a lot thinner…but the TRUE test was our visit to Huntington Beach…swimsuit time. For the first time in a while I felt OK (not amazing) in a swimsuit and my Mother in Law was very impressed. It felt so good and was so inspiring. 

Today my hubby and I take the twins to Leggo Land…it’s going to be tough to find the right food to eat, but I am feeling really motivated, so I am sure I will be able to find a salad or something.

Headed to the clinic Monday to get weighed and measured. I will report the results after my visit…hoping to be moving closer to my August weigh loss goal.

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Making A Chocolate Shake

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Getting Back On Track

Man I was hungry today! I woke up in a hurry and meant to make a shake before I left, but didn’t have time. Today was supposed to be a busy day at work. I went early to the Starbucks on Hollywood Blvd to work while my car got cleaned by a company nearby that I had gotten a Groupon from.

When it comes to Nikki and Starbucks iced chai is my weakness. I drank it everyday before starting the diet. I worked outside at Starbucks for 2 hours before I finally caved and got a non-fat iced chai. I am still kicking myself for cheating. For lunch I had some meatballs…it’s easy and my hubby made enought for several days for me to take to lunch.

Dinner tonight I had an HCG friendly Spaghetti Sauce. I made enough for lunch or dinner tomorrow too. As hungry as I was all day, after dinner I was really full!

I drank a lot of water today…I am comitted to flushing out the fat!  I am so encouraged by the people I talk to from the SlimXpress clinic, not only the people who work thee, but all the people who are doing the diet. To reach my goal for this month I have to lose at least 6 pounds each week. I hope today didn’t set me back.

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Day 1 of Month 2

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End of Month 1

I started the HCG Diet with SlimXpress on July 28th (that was the first real diet day). I have officially done the diet for 1 month and am pleased with the results…I know I could have done better some weeks and have set some goals for this next month to be twice as successful.

Here is a recap of Month 1:


Every week I go to the SlimXpress clinic to get weighed and measured. They make sure that not only am I progressing but that I am burning fat mass and not lean muscle mass. Here are my results so far!

21 Pounds of Weight Loss

Total Inches Lost: 14.7

1 Inch Lost On My Neck

1/2 Inch Lost On My Chest

1.7 Inches Lost On My Arms

4 Inches Lost On My Midriff

7 Inches Lost On My Hips (or big booty lol)

1/2 Inch Lost On My Thighs


As I look back at the last month…I know I could have done better. I had my anniversary, my parents visit, a friend visit and an overall stressful month that sometime resulted in me making bad decisions. Going to the clinic every week is so inspiring for me. My husband is incredibly supportive and I really want to make August an amazing, blow my mind kind of month. I have company next weekend and am flying back to Texas to see my family toward the end of the month, but I have made a decision to get through August with intense focus. Monday is August 1st. My goal for August is 25 pounds.

I know I need to drink more water…I was doing great with that for a while, but the last week, not so much. I also need to quit finding excuses to cheat on my diet. I am going to be diligent about weighing myself every morning and have asked my husband, family and friends to help encourage me to focus. 

These 21 pounds lost forever feels so good! I cannot even imagine what 46 pounds down will feel…I can’t wait to know the answer to that question.


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Little Rocky This Past Week

This week I was a mess…stress, hormonal wackiness, homesick. It was NOT an easy week. On top of that I had company and had to be out and about a lot. Not only was I out and about a lot, but I went to a Theme Park with a friend…and it is SOOOO hard not to eat junk food at a theme park. Overall eating out is really hard. I always assume the meat I order was cooked with some kind of oil and for the most part the veggies seem to have been cooked with oil or butter. I have been sticking with salasd when we go out…but I gave up towards the end of the week, I couldn’t stomach another bite of lettuce with salsa for dressing.

I am scared about going to the clinic tomorrow..I don’t want to have gained a pound. I have blown a week before, but didn’t gain anything…I just didn’t lose anything. Hoping to at least get that result tomorrow.

I didn’t do any crazy cheating with week besides eating like 8 animal fries from In N Out, but for lunch on Wednesday I ate a piece of pita bread with my chicken and today I ate Naan with my Chicken Masala…oh…and I had a little rice. Boo

Oh….* embarrassed face* I had like 4 chips at lunch…felt so guilty. Really dont want to do the diet forever and REALLY want to lose another 20 pounds in August so I am going to get back on the ball here! My game plan is to make sure I am diligent with my blogging because it is good accountability and to quit finding excuses to cheat.

So what I need to figure out is:

#1 What do I need to do as an alternative to eating when I am stressed/sad?

#2 What can I do to have my goal in front of me everyday so that I can keep my eyes on prize?

#3 What am I going to eat next week? (grocery shopping tomorrow)

I will answer all of these questions tomorrow…and will report about my findings at the clinic.

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