Day 5- Ketosis

I am on Day 5 of the HCG Diet. I am hitting a little bit of a wall trying to get into ketosis. Fortunately I can call the HCG Clinic in Glendale(SlimXpress) for a little advice. I jumped on their Facbook page and noticed some people have had this problem, but they got into ketosis…it just took a little time.

Headed for a date weekend with my hubby to Palo Alto, we leave tonight. ugh…I am determined not to cheat, but I know it will be SOOOO hard. Here’s hoping!

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Day 3

I am having internet issues tonight so I am posting from my phone. I will do a real update tomorrow morning when I get to the office.

Today was soooooo great….until dinner. I met a friend for dinner and she chose a Mexican Food place. Ugh…my weakness is chips and dip…and I caved!

I am sooooo stinking mad at myself. Tomorrow a new day…but until then I am utterly disappointed in me :(

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Round 2 Day 2

Seriously You Tube…that is the exact moment you chose to freeze frame my face…embarassing!!

As I mentioned yesterday, I am on an official Round 2…no compromising! Day 2 started off great! I woke up and had lost over a pound! Woo Hoo! I LOVE the HCG Diet…(do I say that enough?)

I can’t wait to go to the clinic and see my actual weight and all my progress. My scale is so wacky…it gives me a different weight every time I step on it…sometimes like 15 pounds different, so I am never sure, and it ALWAYS shows me weighing 5-8 pounds more than the one at the HCG Clinic in Glendale. Anyhow…gotta get a new one soon.

Current Weight: 203.4

Mood: Energetic

Pounds Left to Lose: 53.4

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New Day 1

I feel like I have spent too many days in the recent past allowing myself a cheat here and there that I decided to reset and so I am calling today Day 1 of the hcg diet.

This morning I tested my ketosis and it was negative :( but I kinda expected that. I haber myself an hcg shot and then opted to eat an egg white rather than a shake. For lunch I had chicken tenders grilled and seasoned with Kosher Salt and Garlic Powder.

I skipped dinner tonight because I wasn’t feeling well. Looking forward to a focused diet day tomorrow.

Weight: 204.8
Mood: good…inspired
Pounds Left To Lose: 54.8

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Stress Cheating

I got a surprise, last minute request to come and film with shark tank today.

They plan to still film in october, so I still have time to lose weight with the hcg diet.

I was so stressed after filming that I got a milkshake…ugh…stress eating.

My internet is down and I am posting from my phone, so I will give more details tomorrow.


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Feeling the Pressure My producer called today…filiming in October for sure! Ack! I really HAVE to lose this next 40 pounds fast!!! I got a new scale…so even though I am dreading it, I will be posting my weight in the mornings. Ugh…I can’t believe I committed to that. I am still so embarassed about the numbers on the scale.

In addition to weighing everyday again, I am also switching back to the daily HCG shots. There is something good that happens for me mentally when I kick the day off with the routine: test ketosis, weigh myself, give shot, make shake…  The routine helps me stay in the mindset of the diet.

I am so scared about being fat on tv again that I feel like I am going to power through the next 50 days.  Here’s hoping!

Today started out good…I am just struggling with being hungry often.

I am going to go to the hcg clinic in Glendale (SlimXpress) today and talk to my girls…they are great motivators for me.

I owe you a video post…my internet has been out at home because someone moved in below us and messed everything up with the linesd :s  It’s supposed to be fixed today! I hope it is!

Having grilled chicken for lunch…and probably dinner (not feeling creative today). I already haven’t had enough water today…so I going to work on that right now!

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The Shrinking Tummy

I know i mentioned in yesterday’s post that I had strayed from the diet for a few days while my sister was visiting. I was thinking about those 3 perilous diet days and remembered how little I could eat. For example, when we went to PF Chang’s the first night my sister was here we decided to do the pre-fix menu which was a 3 course meal. For the first course I had egg drop soup, which was soooo yummy. I was also drinking their passion fruit tea…which I drank a lot of. Anyhow…by the time the main course came, which was the black bean chicken…I could barely eat a bite! I literally ate like 4 pieces of chicken and had to bring the rest home. I was a total bad girl…totally full, but did eat some of the mini dessert that came at the end (red velvet…mmmm) but I was MISERABLE. Anytime we ate out it went a lot like that. My tummy has definitely shrunk and that is so exciting.

Back in the day I would have eaten ALL off the meal mentioned above…and drank like 5 glasses of tea throughout dinner…and not been full when I left. It’s so encouraging to be able to truly notice the changes my body is making.

I am back on track today and have a totally new, and energizing motivation. I know I said I would do a plateau breaker today, but I am going to do that tomorrow because it’s Labor Day and my honey asked me to be able to eat with him today. Had grilled chicken and lettuce for lunch…was super yummy.


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I want to be 100% forth right with myself and everyone who might be reading this.

I would much rather sugar coat the heck our of the last 2 days, but the honest truth is….I.sucked the last 2 days. My sister came for a visit and it was too hard and not fun for me to just stick to the diet.

Tomorrow is labor day but I dont have any plans, so I ask back on track. I am going to start off with a plateau breaker and then get back on track for this week.

I reallly do have to kick it in high gear. I want to be thinner by the time I film for the ABC television series AND would like to have lost all the weight I am shooting to lose before the holidays.

I know people have ups and downs….but I am ready to run the rest of this race with diligence.

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Making Progress

This week has been busy and I feel like, very successful. I really need to get a new scale so I can keep track daily, but for now I am depending on whether or not I am in ketosis to tell me how I am doing. I have been in small ketosis all week :)

To make up for last week I am making sure to drink a shake in the morning and eat 4oz of meat for lunch and dinner.

I have a cold or something this week.that is making me feel either too sick to eat or rabidly ravenously hungry, which has been frustrating, but I ask sticking with it. Really need to lose the rest of this weight by end of october….totally do-able…60 days to loose 45 pounds. I can do this!

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Hello world!

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