Why Working Out Isn’t Making You Skinny


The prevailing notion has long been that regular exercise ramps up our metabolism, helping us to shed pounds faster. At the very least, our metabolism should stay put when we’re exercising, right? Bad news from two new studies. 

In one, anthropologists studied the Hadza tribe, a hunter-gatherer tribe in Tanzania, to compare their metabolic rate to that of more sedentary Westerners. Their finding?

scientists calculated, the Hadza’s average metabolic rate, or the number of calories that they were burning over the course of a day, was about the same as the average metabolic rate for Westerners.

The implication, the scientists concluded, is that “active, ‘traditional’ lifestyles may not protect against obesity if diets change to promote increased caloric consumption.” That is, even active people will pack on pounds if they eat like most of us in the West.


This research is supported in another interesting review recently published, in which participants’ exercise, food intake and metabolic rates were carefully monitored. The study found that the participants’ basal metabolic rates dropped as they lost weight, even though they exercised every day and were burning up to 500 calories during that exercise. 

This research may lend credence to the popularity of such programs as the paleo diet. The Slimxpress Diet Program has long emphasized diet over exercise for the quickest weight loss results. Our weight loss centers in Washington and California will soon be offering a new program which combines the Paleo diet with the Slimxpress program.

To Read More, about the scientific studies See: Dieting vs. Exercise for Weight Loss | The New York Times

For more information on the Slimxpress Paleo Diet, see the Slimxpress Website

What exercise routines have worked well for you? Let us know in the comments…

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Learning From the Pros

Today was a clinic day. SOOO amazing! I learned a lot because I came in with several questions. Everyone at the SlimXpress clinic in Glendale is so passionate and excited about all of the options for weight loss that they offer and they have so much knowledge to share.

Looking foward to another great week!

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Back On Track (Day 15)

It was a little touch and go for me the past few days but I am back on track and ready to rock! Day 15 was wonderful! I didn’t cheat, I stayed focused and really reminded myself that the times I did cheat…I wasn’t even hungry!!  Besides losing weight this diet is amazing for helping me to develop better willpower and pinpoint and break baaaad eating habits! 

I spent a lot of time checking in on the SlimXpress Facebook page and I highly recommend following them, there are so many amazing people there who are quick to respond and encourage.

Here’s the URL in case you dont have it: http://www.facebook.com/slimxpres

More to come!

Current Weight: 191.1

Mood: Motivated

Pounds Left to Lose: 41.1 pounds 

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Day 14…Confessions

It was sooo tempting to post today that I did great and just skip over the fact that I chose to cheat again today, but my conscious got the best of me.

When I started the HCG Diet at the SlimXpress clinic in Glendale I was worried that once I lost my first chunk of weight and felt a little better about myself that I would start to make exceptions and cheat. I feel like the last 3 days have been that on repeat.

I am 100% committed to being able to post a completely different type of post tomorrow.

Current Weight: 192.2

Mood: Ashamed :-/

Pounds Left to Lose: 42.2 pounds 


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Days 12 & 13

The weekends kick my butt sometimes. I had one of those weekends that was S-L-O-W…where I stayed home all weekend and where my husband cooked the most yummy food. I didn’t stick with it this weekend. My justification (there always seems to be justification…am I right?!) was that my husband got laid off by his company because they were down sizing. I pretty much started “stress eating” Friday night and didn’t stop until Saturday evening.  I didn’t go crazy…but I just wasn’t faithful.

I am happy to say that today, Day 13…I weigh the same as I did day11…so despite my horrible food choices this weekend I seem to have at least maintained (although I feel physically like I inflated).

I am really fed up with myself and the random justifications I make for straying from the diet. I need to seize the day and really hit this thing hard.

So…here’s to another week…erasing my failures from the past and waking up to a clean slate. Monday will be a new day…full of success (I hope)

Current Weight: 192.2

Mood: Disappointed in Myself

Pounds Left to Lose: 42.2 pounds 


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Not Eating IS Cheating

So how often, before the amazing HCG diet, have you looked for a diet where you could/should eat? It is so important to follow the eating schedule that the consultants at the clinic give you. What happens when you dont eat is that you lose weight, but you are losing/burning the wrong kind of fat and also messing with your muscle. 

I have struggled on this diet less with being hungry and more with not eating enough! Today I didn’t eat…ALL day until I got home aroun 6pm. I was sooo busy and just didn’t have time to stop. I checked in on the SlimXpress Facebook page (which is an amazing resource) and was gently reminded that NOT eating IS cheating. 

Tomorrow I will follow the schedule of shakes and meals that I was given. I really have to get better about not just eating the foods that are on the diet…but actually eating those foods when I am supposed to.

On a different note. This week has been a kick butt week. You can see my new weight below! I am THIRLLED!!!

Tomorrow the episode of Extra I filmed with is airing! Will post pictures. Anxious to see myself in HD…hoping it’s not insanely embarassing.

Current Weight: 192.2

Mood: Happy :)

Pounds Left to Lose: 42.2 pounds (YES!!!!)

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Day 10- Testing

I decided to do a little test today to see how I would look if I filmed my tv follow up today by going to film with Extra. I am going to find out when it will be on and post that here later, and if I can find it online I will post a link. I am hoping I at least look at little better this go round already…but we will see!

I took my HCG this morning and also had a shake, so I am ready to rock and roll!

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Day 8

Woo Hoo! Another pound down this morning. One of my absolute favorite things about this diet is the instant gratification! To wake up in the morning after working hard to stay on track all day it is AMAZING to get on the scale and see results!

I am super tired today and REALLY battling the thought of stopping to get an iced chai from my favorite local coffee place…it is made with whole milk…which is a definite cheat. I hope to report tomorrow that I did not succumb. I am drinking a giant glass of tea…hopefully this will curb my need for caffeine.

I tried to go to the park yesterday with my husband to throw the baseball around, but once we got there I couldn’t find the energy to run around for longer than 15 minutes. They do say not to work out on this diet. I don’t usually feel low on energy, but I think because I didn’t eat enough it caused a little bit of an energy defficiancy.

I am giving myself the HCG shots…just did my shot for today. This is my favorite way to take the HCG, it is sucha  good reminder every morning of the journey I am embarking on.

I have about 1.5 months before I film with ABC’s Shark Tank again…I am anxious to reach my goal! 

Will keep you posted on how the rest of today went :)

Current Weight: 195.2

Mood: Sleepy…need caffeine (but happy and motivated)

Pounds Left to Lose: 45.2

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Week 1=Success!

I was by no means perfect this week, but I tried so hard and was REALLY active, which is the only reason I feel like I got the results that I did.

Today we headed back from Palo Alto. We stopped for breakfast on the way home and I had an egg, but I was so exhausted/having cramps :s that I just didn’t care about food today.

SOOOOOO to the good part! This first week was so inspiring. I started at 204.8 and this morning I weighed….drum roll please….196.5!!! I lost 8.3 pounds this past week! Man that feels good. I am so happy about this! 

I am going to run to the SlimXpress clinic next week and buy a measure thing so I can check my inches lost. I already know that I haven’t been drinking enough water, but will work on that this week. I probably could have lost even more if I would have drank the water.

When you get started with the HCG Diet they spend a good amount of time talking about how important water intake is and how it flushes fat. I really need to keep this in mind.

I am feeling really inspired for Week 2. Maybe this Halloween I can wear a costume and actually look good in it! Here’s hoping!

I wanted to post these pics a week or so ago. These are from my pre-ABC filming frantic shopping trip. Hope I landed on the right outfit! I was particularly concerned because I knew I would be staning in the shots which always makes me look wide. Hopefully this outfit worked out (I wore darker jeans than what is in the picture)

Weight: 196.5
Pounds Left To Lose: 46.5




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Day 6

I was determined to do well on this trip but failed right out the gate…not a huge failure…but enough that I am disappointed in myself. This morning was the day of our big event. My company had a booth at a children’s festival. I didn’t bring my shake mix so this morning I had 2 eggs and some salsa, which was super yummy.

We had to run to office depot to make some more copies, which took FOREVER and then as we were headed to the event I got a headache that I knew only caffeine could fix. Rather than being good and getting some tea…I got a frappucino. I got it with sugar free syrup and non fat milk…but still…not a good choice.

I wish that was all I did wrong, but for dinner I had ceasar salad. I couldn’t find anything else I wanted and I had worked ALL day and was just starving. 

I don’t have a scale so I am scared to see what the results will be from cheating :s

I was excited to fit into a pair of pants I haven’t worn in about 4 years…and they fit comfortably. My husband was actually pretty excited about me wearing them because my other jeans are too big and baggy now.

Lately pictures are the most motivating thing for me. My husband took this picture…it’s why I gotta keep trucking…I do not like the look here (and that’s only half of me :s)!



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