One of Those Days

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Seriously Nikki?! Are you kidding?! I just wrote about how motivated I was to lose weight before ABC films me for next season and then I BLOW IT! I am so freakin mad at myself L


So this morning  I started working at 6:30 because I wanted to get everything done at work because I was leaving at 4:30 for Texas to see my family. I knew I was going to be hungry and that I would be getting a decent workout at work today so I had a shake this morning…so far so good right?

I worked hard this morning and afternoon helping train our shipping team.  I was running all over the warehouse showing everyone how to fill orders, etc so I was actually starting to feel a little hungry at noon. I had a 4 oz hamburger patty made by my hubby with green onions and a pickle spear. I ate it and felt pretty good. Still on the right track….

At 3:15 I leave to head to the airport to catch a 4:30 flight (I know…cutting it close). I got on the plane and it was just an hour flight to Phoenix where I would jump on the next plane. ANYHOW….here is where disaster struck. I was feeling a little week and shaky when we landed so when I got off the plane and walked toward my next gate, I was scouting out where I could eat. When I got to my terminal there was just nothing but fast food…I found a place that had grilled chicken and waiting in line for about 10 minutes but it hardly moved and my plane was about to board and I just NEEDED to eat so I ended up going to some place and getting a hamburger and fries…what in the heck was I thinking?! I don’t even like burgers that much and the fries were no good. I didn’t finish the fries, but I practically inhaled the hamburger, which wouldn’t have been the end of the world if it wasn’t on a bun! I am so angry at myself. How did I fail right on the heels of this huge motivational experience I had.

Fortunately I feel a bit sick from the food, which is one perk I have found on the hcg diet…once you get going strong, cheating ends up being no fun, makes me feel yuck and a little nauseous. I will not do that again the rest of the week or weekend because I don’t want to feel sick while I am with all my nieces and nephews (which is why I am headed to Texas)…gotta be on top of my game so we can all play and snuggle and just have a blast.

I have 14 nieces and nephews and they are my sunshines…hoping  over the next 4 days that I burn off what I ate today.  I land in Texas in about an hour and a half!

Well that’s it…I created my own little dieting disaster today and have officially admitted it to the online world lol.

I will do better tomorrow…can’t wait to report an amazing diet day J



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