Lessons Learned

I visited the clinic today and was so happy to find that I have lost 4 pounds! For the first time in the diet, I lost weight but no inches. I was a little disappointed about that so Tiffany at the clinic took sometime to help me understand what happened. I learned some key factors this week…all of them things I already know and just needed a litle reminder.

To start, this past week was crazy and I had a really bad habit of forgetting to eat my lunch. I learned today that skipping meals with the HCG diet is not good. I didn’t give my body the protein it needed, so in turn I didn’t end up losing as much weight/inches as I could have.

Next is water. Only twice since the diet began have I had to hear this…but I didn’t drink enough water this week, so my phase angle was low, and most likely my body was retaining water…which is another cause of me not losing inches.

The last thing Tiffany shared with me was that I burned some lean muscle which isn’t good. I was really active this week, so she reminded me that when I am active I have to increase my protein intake.

It was really nice to go into the office this week and see progress. I am totally content with 4 pounds lost this past week and am hoping to go higher than that after this week.

FInally…I just HAD to share this picture with everyone. There is a 5 pound blob of fat at the office and it blows my mind when I look at it that I have lost over 4 of these hunks of fat! Everytime I see that and then look at my big booty, tummy or thighs I am inspired because I can see a good 5-10 pounds to lose in each of those places.

So…this is me, 24 pounds lost showing you the size of just 5 of those pounds…ewwww! As always my visit to the clinic was a total motivations. I love Slim Xpress!


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