Jenny’s SlimXpress hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 309


Day 2 on maintenance. Started my cycle today, great! Had my ½ dose of HCG, had a 3 egg omelet with 2 mushrooms and a few broccoli flowerets, for lunch I had ½ can of albacore, but for dinner I ended up having a grilled burger patty.

So tonight I was sitting here reading about this maintenance phase and I think I started wrong, so I have to go back and start over tomorrow. I don’t think I was suppose to add my third meal, but also Dr. Zorn said that really it was America that regulated meal times. So whether I need to eat breakfast is really the question.

I should have sat down and read the transition program a little more closely before now. There are three stages to the first phase of the transition and the first stage sticks to the HCG food list, but you get to add different foods from the extended list not added in terms of number of items, but change up the menu a little. In stage two I will add an additional serving of vegetable and protein for breakfast. See I should have read this more closely. Stage three is to eat any thing from food list A but don’t go over my calorie max which is 1800 calories.

My go forward program is going to be 3.5 oz of protein and a total of 1800 cal per day. There are limits to types of food and number of servings, and that will come at the end of this next 4 week phase.

So I will go over more of this with you tomorrow.

Make it a great day – Jenny

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