Jenny’s SlimXpress hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 288

Monday – Maine

Today we got up and had fresh eggs from my cousin’s farm – they were so good.

We sort of relaxed for most of the morning, then headed to Portsmouth NH for lunch on the Warf with my cousin Faith, Aunt Lois’ daughter, whom I have not seen since I was maybe 16, and my mom has not see in about 8 years.

We ate a place called The Old Landing I had lobster & crab – way over the top ravioli meal, my mom had sword fish, Aunt Lois had Salmon, and Faith had Mahi – I should have had the Mahi but it’s a vacation. We sat and watched the water traffic two huge, no gigantic barges came in from the ocean as we sat there it was amazing.

We came home but did some site seeing on the way home and then crashed my Aunt again made this over the top dinner that I would not normally eat and could only have a little. I just wasn’t hungry we had had such a big lunch.

I will tell you what I am totally not used to all this food, but on the good side, I seem to be able to control my service sizes.

One more day then we head home Wednesday, I am not looking forward o being back to the real world. Seriously, I am more ready than ever to make those changes I am aiming toward a reality.

So I have been working on uploading pictures and video of our trip to a family website. I wanted to add pictures that I have on my mom’s camera but that I did not capture on mine, so I got out her memory stick and put it in my computer tonight. Stupid move because I did not realize that it was the wrong size stick and so now it is stuck. I am going to have to go see if the Geek Squad can fix it for me in the morning. What a dork.

Yet again another total vacation day-

Make yours a total vacation day too!

Signing off from Maine – Jenny

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