Jenny’s SlimXpress hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 278


Crap – still struggling?

Thank goodness it was Friday.

Today is my dad’s birthday and it is the first birthday without him and it has been a hard day for my mom. We talked on the phone a couple times, when I got home my son and I took her to the cemetery. We stopped and got some pretty flowers and the sun was actually out and the ground wasn’t so wet that my mom could walk to his resting place. It was nice I was able to take some pictures of her and my son together there; and I can’t help feeling that he was there watching and smiling.

Like I said, it was a hard day. Last year at this time my mom and I had dropped him off at a care center because my mom was going to my nephew’s graduation and I could not take care of him 24×7. Taking care of him was like taking care of an infant and while it has made a huge change for my mom, less stress, less work, I know she misses him terribly. All that taken into consideration, it is still hard to believe that he isn’t here. For me it still doesn’t feel like he is gone, but then again I guess I didn’t feel like the man he had become was the man that was my dad when I was young. There were a couple of defining points in his life that changed him. The first was our move in 1968, I don’t think he wanted to move from our home in NE Portland; I think that was more about his mom not liking our neighborhood. The second was an accident caused by a very bad driver left him with epilepsy when I was 15 and from that point on he was a changed person.

So after all was said and done my son, my mom, my little miss and I went to see The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Oh my goodness amazing, action packed, and fun.

I had a huge iced tea at the movie and felt great, but didn’t get dinner until after 9pm.

Okay it 11:00 pm and I need to be off to bed –.

It is now time for bed

Make it a great day.

Take care, Jenny

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