Jenny’s SlimXpress hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 249

OH MY GOODNESS – 165.8 – Okay where is the hidden camera? I cannot believe that I am there; my goal was between 160 & 165. Last night I spent the night trying on clothes I had not worn for a while or ever. I had bought two dresses and “goal” clothes, but never made it that far. Well I have now.

I don’t want to be to over the top here, he, he, he, giggle, giggle, but I have been floating on cloud nine for a couple days. I know I was stuck for a while, but my body had still been shifting and changing. And I know there are parts of this routine that will be a life long change for me, but I just want to shout from the top of the mountains.

I can’t stop talking about the program, every time I see someone that could benefit from this program I tell them about it and it is starting to work a friend is going in tomorrow for her first visit. People have see it work for me, they have seen me struggle when the company brings in pizza or burritos, or when we have family dinners and I can’t eat any of it, but the benefits are worth the sacrifices.

It was not as early a day as the rest of the week. Got up and had my shot first thing – drank my water, had my shakes, and included the mineral drink they want me drinking and lunch was a mahi mahi I had cooked last night. There was enough mahi mahi that I had it for Dinner again tonight 4oz of cold with a little broccoli with onions and garlic.

This is not the end still a little ways to go, but it feels great to be with in just a few laps of the finish line. I need to get to a point where feeling this way is second nature, the confidence, the assuredness that having the weight gone is giving me. I need to feel that and I need to see this success stay. Like I said back to basics is working.

Take care & Good night,

Take care, Jenny

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