Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 97


Day after Thanksgiving, and day 3 of my holiday trip, and I think I did better yesterday than I did today.

When I got up today I wasn’t that hungry so I made waffles for my little miss and cereal for my mom. I had some cereal as well, but did not eat as much as I got for myself. I felt full almost immediately. We didn’t really have any lunch, everyone was snacking on tortilla chips and salsa so I had some of that, not a lot but I felt icky afterwards, I am thinking that I am so not use to eating this way that after yesterday I am feeling out of sorts. After breakfast we went to the pool and exercise room again. This time my mom joined us and worked on the recumbent bicycle.

This afternoon we went to the movies and everyone bought popcorn and candy, but I did okay there because they also put that icky butter oil on it and I never eat that because it tastes terrible to me. Then we came home and made dinner at my sisters. She made a leftover turkey wreath with turkey, veggies, and croissant rolls and tomato aspect. I picked the turkey out of the wreath, and I had some aspect, and water.

I still feel a little out of sorts, so I know that I am not eating extremely well. One of my theories of this protocol is that it cleanses your body of impurities and junk that it should not have and does not need, and of course when you are traveling it is hard to stick to. I will probably go through a withdrawal next week because of this little trip.

Hang in there with me and we will do it together.

Most importantly make it a great day no matter what!


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