Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 74

11/4/2009 weight 194.2lbs!  My ketosis level is still low with a goal of moderate.  I will keep you posted.

Okay things are good today; my cycle is just about over so that means the entire water retention is starting to wane and my weight is dropping again.  I ran out the door this morning just to keep up my daily routine.  I am thinking I want to start running and build up to a 5k.  We actually have a 10k in my town every spring, and I would like to work up to that for this year.

My food routine was low-key today.  Roasted chicken salad, albacore tuna salad for dinner, and my drinks at 9am, 3pm, and 9pm, so very much routine but building this routine is a good thing.  Repetition of food is what you need when you are dieting, and sticking to those little routines, makes a difference moving forward.  I think I mentioned before that I use to have a doctor, he’s retired now, but he use to tell me that he had the same routine for lunch every single day I think it was a peanut butter sandwich, an apple or banana, and a glass of milk.  Now for me I consider that too much food, but I can see myself doing the albacore tuna salad or roasted turkey salad everyday.

So creating this routine for me I truly believe will make all the difference for me going forward.

Make it a great day and keep pushing forward.


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