Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 68

10/29/2009 weight 195.0lbs!  Need new ketosis sticks.

I was slow getting up this morning again.  I did make it in time to get 10 minutes on the treadmill.  Tomorrow will be a tough day.  I am going in super early to work out and then working until 10:30 and heading out to a funeral.  It is now 10:30 and I am planning on getting to the office at 5 am to workout.  HMMM???

I am about to start my cycle, I can tell because of the girls.  So I am a little bloated, but I am up and moving in the morning is making a huge difference, my legs and butt are starting to take shape. My butt is taking shape and my upper body is taking shape.  I am so happy.  One of my friends who used the hCG SlimXpress program told me that thehHCG would help make the physical changes like this, that she hit a plateau but continued to see changes in how her clothes fit, and how she felt.

I had to stop a coworker yesterday that had been with me when I had bought a pair of pants that I was wearing.  I looked at her and said do you remember when you told that these pants looked fine when I bought them (they are a size 16).  She nodded and said yes, and I asked her if she realized how well they fit now compared to then and she said yes.  The truth is they are slightly big.  I am so thrilled with the loss of weight.  I think I just got those pants last spring.  I still have so many pairs of pants, skirts, and a few suits that I want to wear again, and I have so many inches to go.  I know this time I will make it, though.  I have thought about taking Thanksgiving week off, but am going to talk to Dr. Tauzin about that at my next appointment.  See if taking a carefully planned break will allow my body to readjust and then hit the hCG again.  I am going to be gone for almost a week.  I don’t want to splurge, it is just that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday; it’s about family and all.  It is also the first Thanksgiving without my dad and the first Thanksgiving without both my parents.  I have only spent one Thanksgiving away from them.  It was the year my sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and I spent a month with her as she went through surgery and follow-up visits.  That was the first Thanksgiving that we did not spend at my parent’s home with my sister, her husband and my nephew.  Thanksgiving is about family, and life and health.

hCG SlimXpress is giving me back my health so that I can spend many, many more Thanksgivings with my family.  It is my very favorite holiday.

Talk with you tomorrow.


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