Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 63

10/24/2009 weight 196.0lbs still….

Today 196 again, but you know what I am still thrilled.  I had an audition today and the director is someone I have worked with before, well during a break he came up to me and said “you have lost a lot weight, haven’t you?”  Mind you I have not seen Steve for about a year, so it was incredible that he even really remembered me at all.  Practicing my new positive self image talk I said yes I had, and in fact I had lost over 30 lbs.  He looked at me and said “you look amazing, truly amazing.”

If that isn’t a solid piece of positive feed back I don’t know what is, this is someone I have great respect for, but do not know all that well and he remembered what I looked like last year and put together that I had lost a great deal of weight.  Admittedly when you are doing a show you work with a set group of people for quite a long time, but obviously my size was memorable.   Oh that is sad.

Well I can’t tell you how wonderful that comment and the fact that he noticed after that lapse in time made me feel today, I almost cried.

I also ran out and got a vitamin B shot from Dr. Tauzin, she and Erica are so great, but I have something to share with you.  SlimXpress is doing a biggest loser contest and they are going to pay you to lose weight – wow where do I sign up.  So call them 866-275-4424, the program works wonders.  I took one of the fliers and I am going to give it to one of my bosses she has been struggling like me and I know she would benefit from the program.  It is a lot easier than trying out for the biggest loser too.  I kept trying to get my sister to do that one with me; now I am bent on getting my son to do the amazing race.  Don’t you think that would be fun? I do. I think traveling place to place and solving clues would be a blast, and better yet you are conquering challenges along the way.  Like the journey we are on right now to lose all that extra weight, it’s a challenge that we have stepped up to and are winning.

Okay, time for bed, make it a great day tomorrow, I will see you then.


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