Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 62

10/23/2009 weight 196.0lbs still….

So yesterday was incredible; that I have lost inches overall is just incredible.  I knew it was happening yes – I can feel it in my clothes, but to see it on the tape measure, wow that was beyond words.

So today is Friday, and I took today off from work for a couple reason, one I had other things to do with my real estate, and two I just needed a mental health day.  I am trying like crazy to keep the stress out of my life since I have this knack for falling off the wagon when I am under stress.  Yes you heard me fall off the wagon; I have long considered my relationship with food more of an addiction.  I have never had a normal relationship with food, my love of ice cream should be proof enough of that, but besides that if I buy tortilla chips and salsa they are always gone in one night, the same with any snack food.

That is another great thing about this hCG SlimXpress program.  If it ain’t on the list don’t put it in your mouth, that’s the mantra and it works for me in two ways.  First it gives me the limits I need on what I can and can’t eat to make this dream a reality, but second and most importantly, I truly believe that I have gone through a sort of withdrawal from sugar, wheat, corn, and all the other grain based products that led to my immense size.  Did you know that you can break down just about every food that we eat and find corn is the common denominator?  So by buying the organic foods, non-farmed fish, organic poultry, etc, you are grooming out the byproducts that shouldn’t be there, and I don’t know about you but that makes my grocery shopping a whole lot simpler.

Its amazing simply amazing, and it is the hCG SlimXpress program that is allowing it to happen for me.  Thank you so much SlimXpress.

Make it a great day!


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