Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 57

10/18/2009 weight 197.2lbs ketosis is on spot.

Okay what happened? Actually I think I know – and I am taking the magnesium for just this reason – I don’t remember having a bowel movement at all yesterday and having very light ones on Saturday. So, things should equal out in a day or two.

I talked with Dr. Tauzin about the fact that it has always been a huge effort on my part to lose weight. This time I am certain that it is because there is so much fat on my body. The fact that the SlimXpress program has helped me drop 30 + pounds in just over a month is a miracle. The leveling off is not something I want yet so I am adding some extra walking in, nothing hard core, just well paced walking. Besides, it is a good time for self reflection.

Today in terms of food consumption it was great; I had albacore with lettuce for lunch, and then a salad with prawns for dinner. I had my hCG Ultra Slim drink as scheduled, and I felt good. I had mentioned that the schedule helps me feel full when I am hungry, something I had not felt for a long time. Over the last couple of weeks I had not felt the hunger pangs the way I was, and was wondering about it, but I had been off schedule a little too. The last few days I have been back on schedule and today totally felt those hunger pangs. Honestly, I like feeling those because I know my body is working for me.

Make the change happen, hang in there we can do this, you and me, both of us!

Make it a great day.


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