Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 55

10/16/2009 weight 196.8lbs ketosis is on spot.

Yee haw – under 197.

How great it is to know that I am going to be okay and that I know that the weight is coming off.  I have not felt so confident in a long time about my weight.

Today was crazy I was out with a client all day only to have the entire thing fall apart.  It is very frustrating, but I didn’t turn to food.  Nope instead I took my mom and my little foster daughter to the movies, the double feature of Toy Story I & Toy Story II.  Neither one had seen it in the theater nor had my mom ever seen it at all.  It was so much fun to top it off, the movies were in 3-D.

I stuck very strictly to my HCG SlimXpress protein drink and water and then had some steamed prawns for dinner.

I have set my sights on Thanksgiving and making 170lbs or 175lbs at the very least.  A couple of years ago my sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer just short of stage II and I went down to stay with her and her family during through her surgery.  At that time I was quite large by this point and for whatever reason, my weight really began to bother me.

She and I started walking together. By the time I left we made a pact to keep each other motivated.  She joined a gym and I walk now. She has been incredibly supportive through this journey with me.  I owe her so much.  My sister has been such a strong support for helping me keep an arms length away from my ice cream, and believe me if anyone knows how much I love my ice cream, it is Lynn.  Find someone close to help you make the right decisions to choose a movie over ice cream, or a new dress over pizza.

Make it a great day. Hang in there with me we will do this together.


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