Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 48

10/09/2009 weight 199.0lbs ketosis is on spot.

Today I weighed in at 199.0 I am so excited – I am under 200.0.  You cannot imagine how wonderful that feels, because it has been so long since I have been even close to being less than 200lbs.  I am not sure I truly believed that this was going to happen.  And it makes it so much more possible that I can make important changes in my life.

I feel so great and have so much energy and it just seems to keep getting better.  All the change is a little overwhelming mentally but physically I feel great.  The HCG SlimXpress Tacoma weight loss program is like my personal miracle.  I often wonder if my dad would have benefited from the HCG SlimXpress rapid weight loss program.  I am certain that it would have been a challenge.  My dad fought obesity like I have for his entire life.  I have told you that I was continually on diets with my dad. Then again, part of his guard against the world was his weight—like a bubble keeping others out. I need to look at this in my own life.

To a great degree I know I have been following in his footsteps in order to keep people away. My son teases me that he is dating before I did at his age, and he is right.  I know I have hid behind my weight and lack of self confidence.  That said the HCG SlimXpress weight loss  program is helping me build the confidence to focus on those changes.  I think that I have always felt less desirable because of my size. I am beginning to recognize that I am a wonderful person and I deserve the things I have been keeping at arms length.

Thank you HCG SlimXpress Tacoma weight loss program for helping me begin again, and believe that I am worthy of embracing emotional connections.  It is my turn and I am certain to forge a strong and solid path with the foundation I am able to build with this amazing program.

Keep the faith and find your authentic self!


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