Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 44

10/05/2009 weight 200.6lbs ketosis is on spot.

I am so happy but impatient, that the weight doesn’t just fall off, but hey what ever worth having is worth the work it takes to make things happen. Plus, it took many years to get to this point of overweight, and I must remind myself how fast the HCG SlimXpress Tacoma weight loss program is working for me!

I felt great on the treadmill today and want to find time to walk my route at home.  The treadmill is a great substitute to a degree.  I set it to the weight loss program, select level 2, and then walk for 30 minutes.  I burn about 212 calories in 30 minutes. Yipee!

It’s a great feeling knowing that I am doing something valuable for myself that takes almost no effort.  It is all about treating myself with self respect.  I am learning that while working through this program, if I don’t have self respect then I will not succeed in the end.  Why?  Simple, someone explained to me that by respecting myself I will hold dear who I am and how I present myself to the word.  It is about understanding my ‘story’ and learning to rewrite my own inner definitions.  I am working on this on a couple of levels. The first is my own inner definitions of my body image, and second my relationship to food.

The message that I have always taken away from those important to me is that I wasn’t good enough the way I was. I was too heavy, too fat, and needed to lose weight.  My dad (no matter how much he loved me) made me think that I wasn’t good enough because he always had me on a diet with him. A manager once told me that if I lost weight, maybe everyone would take my more seriously.  It doesn’t matter the exact wording, the underlying message was: You aren’t good enough. Guess what? I bought into the story. No more. I am defining myself and will not let a few misguided attitudes towards me define me now! No Way. Thank you HCG SlimXpress Tacoma for setting me on a completely new course for my life.

Rewriting a new story won’t be easy, but by visually seeing my rapid weight loss progress on a daily basis, with the positive reinforcement from those around me, I am inspired and learning the concept of self love.  The ease and speed of the weight loss process this time is the direct result of the HCG SlimXpress Tacoma weight loss program.  Okay

Make it a great day.


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