Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 42

10/03/2009 weight 201.8lbs ketosis is on spot.

Oh my word! Only a little over a pound to go and I will be lowest weight I have been in more than 3 years. I am just thrilled with the idea that I am going to be back down to where I should be sooner than later. Then comes the real work!

Yes this you heard me: ‘real work’.  I know that I am merely scratching the surface by taking off the excess fat. This part of the process is helping me to understand how much my underlying relationship to food has affected me, all my life.

One of the first things I told you was that I like ice cream, well I do. I like it a lot, because it is soothing; however, there is something I did not tell you.  When I was young I was on every conceivable diet plan there was, I am not sure that I really needed to be on all those diets, but my dad did. And since he did not want to do it alone, and I was heavier than everyone thought I should be, I was the one that was elected to be his partner. Hey at the time it wasn’t so bad, but my dad liked to snack.  Hmm? I wonder where I get that from? Anyway, every week we would do a weigh-in whether at a diet meeting or at home, and if we made our goal for the week, we would go out for ice cream.  Ice cream became the reward. Yes I lost weight, but it never stayed off, and we never stuck with a program very long.

My dad and I spent lots of time together working on those programs, now looking back; I believe that my weight issue is from learned behavior.  We were dieters together, which kept our relationship up front and center.  Every time I lost weight he would be so encouraging, he would tell me I had great legs, not as good as my moms but great non-the-less.  Then it would be: “Let’s go get some crackers or let’s go get an ice cream cone, and of course, I would always oblige because that was our routine.  The message was: Lose weight, then eat to reward myself.

The one thing that he and I did together that was healthy, and more importantly, I have kept up all these years, was walking.  We bonded during those walks.  He would tell me about the constellations in the night sky, or reminisce about his childhood. It was good father daughter time, and I will always be grateful that he imparted this love of walking to me. It benefits me with the HCG SlimXpress program as well, because that is the one thing that the HCG SlimXpress program wants you to do, starting the second or third week, walk 30 to 60 minutes a day.  You know what; it isn’t hard to fit that in either.  I go to work early and walk on the treadmill.  I also have a loop at home that I walk that is about 5 miles that I can walk in just over an hour.  It makes a huge difference in how I feel about myself, and what I am doing.

I am so excited!

So I guess I strayed from my original message, because I was starting to talk about the real work that lies ahead of me, and that is building new relationship between myself, and food.  As you have just read, food is all about reward for me. If I did a good job at something, I WAS entitled to a cookie or time for an ice cream or better yet both, because that will make me feel that much better.  HCG SlimXpress doesn’t enable me to do that though, especially during this phase of the program.  So the other day, instead of food, I bought myself a new wallet. It was a breakthrough moment. I changed an old behavior pattern.  Going forward I am planning to buy myself a new outfit.

How do you need to remap your relationship with food?

How can you build physical exercise into your day?

How will you reward your successes?

Lets brainstorm about ways to replace food cravings with another healthier outlet. Send me your ideas.

We can do this, we will all do this and we will do it together.


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