Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 4

Day four, I had two shakes this morning using the hCG SlimXpress weight loss chocolate shake. At noon I had 4 ounces of albacore tuna and a hand full of lettuce. At 3pm I had another shake for a snack. For dinner I had 4 ounces of steamed prawns and lettuce and half an apple all in a salad.

So today was much harder, as my work team had planned to meet after work for dinner and drinks. Well of course we would plan that and then I would start another diet. I went and everyone kept saying oh you should eat something. What do you say to that? I decided to tell everyone that I am working on make a change that will significantly change my life using the rapid weight loss plan through hCG SlimXpress Tacoma Weight Loss Program. I had several glasses of water and enjoyed the conversation and then came home and had my prawn salad. The other temptation I faced today was that someone had a birthday and there was cake and I did not have even the urge to go get a piece. Thanks to the hCG injections, my cravings are going away.

The HCG injections are getting easier. It has only been four days, but I have lost a few pounds, and I can tell it is affecting how I feel about myself: Negative talk is going away!

I am feeling like I can do this, it isnt going to be easy, but like the little engine said, I think I can. Join me on the journey!

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