Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 213

172.8lbs – see I know my cycle is going to start

I feel bloated today, I drank a bunch of water before I left for work, had my shot – the needle was being difficult again, but finally got it, and I had my thyroid medication. I have decided to take the stairs more at work. I did that when I first started at this job, but nothing seemed to work in getting the weight off so I got discouraged and quit. But it is time to start again.

Lunch was a green salad (even discarded the tomatoes) and chicken breast. Dinner was about the same chicken breast and broccoli – I know big shocker there, right? I am gassy and I hate that feeling.

I so did not want to go back to the real work world. Where is that winning lotto ticket when you need it? I’m super stressed waiting on the outcome of an offer that my client submitted, she so loves this house but the process is nuts on this one and I just wanted to be able to focus on it today and not work. In the long run it was good I had something else to focus on. I think the seller, who has the same name as my buyer and my buyer are soul sisters. They are crazed. Sweet but crazed.

Make it a great and fabulous day tomorrow.

Good night,

Take care, Jenny

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