Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 164

178.4 – still on track – yes!

I could not sleep last night, and I don’t know if I have ever told you all that I have always been a night snacker. I thought for sure I was finally over it these past few months, but last night I got up and ate part of the chicken that I was going to have for lunch today. That tells me I am very nervous about something and I am not getting enough exercise. So need to get my nerves under control and add another ½ hour a day for walking.

Thank goodness, payday is Friday, because it has been a long couple of weeks squeaking by, might be something that is adding to my nerves, ya think?

I stayed on track with the rest of my eating, and I guess if I had to do my night snack, it was better to have the chicken. Used to be anything and everything and often times I wouldn’t even remember what it was or that I had done it, how is that for a scary thought?

I am so thankful for this program for that, it has helped me to be much more conscious of what I put in my mouth. It is such a small amount of food, and I want it to count. It has also helped me to broaden my scope of seafoods that I like, I am not a fish person, but I have come to find that I do like the white fish. That I can eat.

Okay time for bed – have a great day tomorrow.

Keep hanging in there; we are going to make it!


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