Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 16

9/6/2009 weight 211.8lbs ketosis is moderate.

Again down ½ a pound I love this, but I am still in cautious mode. No slip ups. Keep moving forward, but it is so hard when everyone else in the house is eating anything they want.

I think the vitamin B shot might be why I was so energetic last night. A friend whose brother is a well known naturopath said that she gets them from him and they kick in after about two days and help keep her energy levels high for about a week. I think I am going to see how this works and I may go in weekly for one.

I know it is Labor Day weekend and we are supposed to be taking it easy but I am still working toward the first elusive real estate sale. So, today I held another open house. I made fresh coffee and cookies, and that was hard, but I did it. Every challenge I conquer makes me feel so much stronger. I cannot tell you how ready I am to write an offer and sell a house. I so want this to become a full time job. I can’t quit my other job until it does. I have to remember that I am a single mom, on the HCG SlimXpress weight loss program, have a full time job, help my elderly mother—a recent widow, and am trying to break into the real estate business. Kudos to me!!

Anyway, after the open house I ran to Costco for my albacore tuna and some mahi mahi, which is what I had for dinner. When I got home my eleven year old (actually a former foster child) called and told me she had cleaned her room and wanted to know if she could have her new school clothes and supplies. I was holding them hostage; you had to see her room to understand why.
Tomorrow is Labor Day and I am going to hold another open house at the same location–does anyone want to buy a house? I feel so much more confident even with just shedding 20lbs. I know it’s a mental thing, but truly I feel so great right now. If I can do it, you can too.

Make it a great day, jenny.

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