Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 140

Still 181.6 – oh yeah!

Slept hard last night – and was out the door early because I did an open house in a cute house. It will go fast and I won’t be the one to sell it, blah!

I was going to have Mahi for dinner tonight, but bought prawns instead. I didn’t grill them on my new George Forman, I am still not very comfortable with using it but will keep working with it. I will use the rest of the prawns I bought tomorrow along with some Mahi.

It was a great day actually, once I was done with my open house I took my son to pick up a book for his art course. I love it because this is a course I can actually help him with having recently finished my own BFA. I am just happy that he is taking something I know I can help him pass. I know that part of my stress is his stress over school, growing up, girlfriends, and his future. I remember how scary it was, you do not want to grow up, but you know you have to; but then there is that question what exactly does growing up mean.

What does that have to do with the hCG SlimXpress program? Well I am certain the SlimXpress program is helping me work through without feeling overly stressed out. I have other stress triggers in my life, but I have chosen not to focus on them, and that is something I could not have done in the past. I am focusing on those issues that are truly in need of my attention, the other stuff is, don’t get me wrong, important, unfortunately there are external influences causing me grief so I have chosen not to worry about it and figure that the universe will do what it needs to do and I will be fine.

Hang in there it will all work out.

Keep the faith, Jenny

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