Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 133

184.2 again this morning and still feeling very bloated.

Menu today was tuna with onion, my drinks and fresh crabmeat, oh how I love fresh crab. Nothing better in my opinion and I had to work for it because I bought it unshelled.

So I was very industrious today – I managed to get quite a bit of house work done – I am the least effective house keeper you will ever meet – and I managed to get a fair amount of yard work accomplished, change the furnace filter and took care of my mom.

Life is crazy and getting crazier – isn’t life suppose to start to settler down at some point?

I am talking to my son about starting the program. I think it will help him in many ways, not the least of which is emotional. I stand by my theory that I am a much calmer person these days and even he has said as much. Thank you SlimXpress – because I am so much happier. Yeah I know that sounds a little weird, but I truly feel much more even in my own emotions. At least I am able to better separate certain emotions more succinctly. Normally I spend all my time fretting about my weight, going so far as to blame all of my trouble on my weight. If I would lose the weight I would feel happier, someone would ask me out. In fact none of that has anything to do with my weight it has to do with my self-confidence and that is something I have to fix myself.

That is an amazing revelation that I would never have been able to admit to without being where I am, and again I have to thank HCG SlimXpress, because I am able to delineate between those lines.

Take the plunge! It is worth the effort and the time. Moreover, really, it has not been that long.

If I can do it anyone can – Jenny

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