Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 132

184.2 this morning, I feel very bloated and am late for my cycle. Had my drinks today and tuna with a little apple, onion and sea salt, and I have found it is a very good combination. I am working on upping that lean protein; still need to get to Costco for albacore and some cod or mahi mahi.

What a difference a decade makes (a headline I read somewhere). Do you remember where you were 10 years ago, do you remember the 2000 computer scare. I do, the company I worked for was one that had to hire software programmers come in and recreate our software in an effort to avoid the cataclysmic demise of the business. I had just run hood to coast for the first time, was feeling good about who I was and where I was at – who knew what the next year would bring.

Today I am on the verge of being back to that place in terms of my person health accomplishments and self-confidence. It is all about being good with who you are on the inside and the outside.

I have always had a fear of my outer appearance. I am getting better and I feel better about where I am at today. I am so close to my goal, maybe that is also adding to my stress. I can see the finish line, 170lbs. I just need to pump up the volume on my physical activity and maintain that level on a go-forward basis. Get back to my walking, stop talking about it and make it happen. I was dropping constantly when I was physically active on a regular basis. One of those stupid rules of the game, nothing good is easy. Yes, this program is easy to follow, but it has its rules and physical activity is one of them, time to get that aspect back on track. Actually, I need to add back the physical activity and incorporate more and better sleep. It is close to 1 AM and I am just now getting to this because I was working on cleaning and organizing my house.

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