Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 108

12/08/2009 183.8lbs

Today I got on the scale this morning and it hit 183.8lbs solid. I feel great.

I wore a pair of slacks today that I bought about 6 months ago. At the time they were extremely tight, even though they are sixteen’s. Today hey are sliding off my hips.

Lunch was another chicken salad; I had coffee this morning and 2 bottles of water but no tea today. I was on the run for dinner so I bought some prawns and had those before scooting off to rehearsal. Need to get to Costco for Albacore tuna because I miss my albacore.

Again today I felt energized, I still need to get my thyroid medicine refilled, better do that this weekend.

Keep the efforts going strong, I know it isn’t easy but it is totally worth the effort. Hang in there with me and we will do it together. Someone asked about the 40 day cycle with the protocol. The program I chose is a modified program from Dr. Simeon’s program. I knew the strictness of 500 calories was not going to work for me. A friend told me about the SlimXpress program and that is how I chose their program. I encourage those in the Portland area to go see Dr. Tauzin because she is my person and awesome. There is another clinic in Beaverton, and I can find out more about that if you all want me too.

I know I sound like an ad, but this is one of those life-altering events. Its been so easy, and if I could shout it from the top of Mt. Everest I would tell everyone that needs to lose weight like me to go online and find the nearest clinic. Here is their website . When I find myself walking behind people who need to loose weight, those who are like my dad was, I want to tell them what I have been doing. It is really that amazing to me, because I am one of those who would look at pictures of people in weight loss ads that say they have lost all this weight and figure that someone had just done some photo shop work on a picture or two. It works, I am not sure how 100%, but it works. Try it.

Have wonderful day and keep taking a step forward every day!


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  1. Meeshell77
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    is this for real?

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