Jenny’s hCG Diet Weight Loss Experience – Day 104

12/04/2009 186.6lbs, ketosis light.

Almost down to 185lbs, ketosis is still only light.

I forgot to pack my SlimXpress drinks and my albacore tuna, so today I had chicken salad again for lunch but no drinks. Since it is Friday I did not have my shot either. Usually I would get time to make it in to see Dr. Tauzin to get a B shot but I just did not have time this week. Believe me after this week at work I could use it too.

Like I said it was a long hard week at work and not because of workload. It was a déjà-vu of several years ago, and I hope so much that things start to turn around. It is so hard when changes happen but they aren’t positive. Worse thing is that it could be only the beginning and I hate that. I hate knowing that others are suffering especially at Christmas.

Stress is the one thing I have not done well with conquering. Change is the key, but making those changes are still extremely hard especially with all the stress that keeps cropping up. I have been feeling like my hair is suffering for all the stress, even my hair dresser says so. But I look great, and I know I do, but I cannot get a swelled head. I am not through the entire program. First things first, weight off, then maintenance, just need to stay on track a little longer.

I also want to begin doing visualizations of meeting my goals. Visualizing my success with the changes that I am working on, visualizing my success in weight loss is the biggest. I am able to take advantage of visualization because of the SlimXpress protocol, the weight is really coming off, and I can see the results. I am being very careful to make myself aware of the physical changes to my body. I believe that my biggest problem in the past has been that I do not allow myself to see the results of all my hard work. This time I know that I have to allow myself to recognize the changes because if I don’t, if I ignore that physically I am changing, I won’t succeed in the long run. I wont succeed an anything if I don’t recognize my successes.

So remember to take time to recognize your successes!

Like I keep saying it isn’t easy but is it totally worth the effort. Hang in there with me and we will do it together.

Most importantly make it a great day no matter what!


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