I Heart the HCG Diet

This week has been really good so far. I am taking the HCG pills instead of having the power shot…I will probably go back to the power shot next week…I got out of the habit of having to remember my HCG every morning, so I have had to turn around in the morning on my way to work twice to run back home for my HCG lol.


Anyow, I have been pretty boring with my food this week, but the combonation of being incredibly sleepy and busy has just made it to where I don’t care about food. I have been a bit hungry to start the day, and have been training people at my office in shipping, which is a good work out so I have been kicking the day off with the Cinnamon Crisp Bar I bought from th Slim Xpress Clinic. My husband discovered the bars this week…he is hooked. I thought maybe it was only so good because I haven’t had sugar in so long, but according to him it is as yummy as one of those cinnamon toast crunch cereal bars. mmmm

Anyhow, I made some HCG friendly spaghettie sauce and have been eating that for lunch everyday and for dinner have either eaten 2 eggs or grilled chicken. I have been drinking tons of water, which has made me feel really good. The only thing that is a big question mark is whether or not I am in ketosis. My ketosis sticks seem to have goen bad. I pulled several out this morning and they were all grey. I will have to run to the clinic and grab more this weekend.

I am thinking about doing a plateu breaker day tomorrow…I am feeling good and my clothes are getting baggier, but I feel like  little jump start will be good. My plan is to do a steak and tomato day and hopefuly lose a few pounds. I will let you know how it goes.

I have been talking to a lot of friends about getting started on the HCG Diet…I can unbiasedly say that there is NO better weight loss program on the market.  I have tried soo many things and they just dont work and what I have learned about this diet is that the ONLY time it doesn’t work is when you aren’t doing it right. The results are so immediate and you can literally feel your metabolism re-setting. I am really happy with where I am at right now and would recommend HCG to anyone looking to lose ANY amount of weight.

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