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Maybe I am just skeptical…and maybe not everyone does this…BUT…have you ever gone to a clinic or a diet pill website…or whatever and look at the pictures they put up of people and think either a) they got the picture from some other diet program where the girl had a personal chef AND trainer or b) wow…photoshop is amazing?

That is how I have ALWAYS been, probably because every diet I try just doesn't work (mostly because of my lack of willpower, but also because of the lameness of the pill or program). Anyhow…this weekend I found yet another reason to not only love the HCG diet, but to love going to SlimXpress!

When I went to the SlimXpress clinic on Saturday I got the pleasure of meeting another amazing lady (they are all so awesome there). She did the HCG diet back in 2005 and lost 120 pounds in less than a year! Not only that…but 6 years later…she is looks absolutely amazing! To top THAT off…she has had a baby since then too! I was sooo impressed, but not as wowed…shocked and amazed as when they got the book from the lobby out and showed me pictures. It is one thing to see tiny lady and think…ok you lost 120 pounds, all the while thinking about how she was probably really skinny as a teenager or something, and it is another thing to be able to see the dramatic difference.

She shared her journey with me and she said some things that completely changed my perception. She got all the way down to a size 1…my big booty has laughed at anything less than a size 9 since I was 15!

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

I am just big boned.

I can never be a size 2 because i am not built that way.

I just have bad metabolism.

People who lose tons of weight fast gain it back faster.

This amazing lady shared with me that those were all the things she was thinking when she started the HCG diet and I was floored! I have always thought ALL of those things about myself. She shared with me that I can look like any other skinny girl with focus and diligence and not only that, but I can keep it off.  I have really been re-thinking my goal of losing 67 pounds and am considering making my goal 87 pounds. That should be the "perfect" weight for my height and living in California will mean much happier beach days for me :)

After going through all of the diet talk and learning more about what is was like for her and how she did it I asked her, "So what do you do now…eat like a bird everyday?…because I love good, not so healthy food…at least sometimes!" She said NO…she definitely eats healthier, but that she goes out for drinks and even eats Mexican food when she wants. She mentioned that she takes a carb blocker before eating any heavy foods (which SlimXpress is rumored to carry soon), but that she lives a normal life.

Her final words of wisdom to me were that I should stay focused and not stray from the diet so that I lose the weight faster and can transfer back into a more normal (but much different than my pre-diet days) eating lifestyle. I left the clinic that day one inspired girl!

More about the eating part of today later (but so far, so good :) )

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