Feeling the Pressure

http://lifechanginghcgdiet.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/ack-1.jpg My producer called today…filiming in October for sure! Ack! I really HAVE to lose this next 40 pounds fast!!! I got a new scale…so even though I am dreading it, I will be posting my weight in the mornings. Ugh…I can’t believe I committed to that. I am still so embarassed about the numbers on the scale.

In addition to weighing everyday again, I am also switching back to the daily HCG shots. There is something good that happens for me mentally when I kick the day off with the routine: test ketosis, weigh myself, give shot, make shake…  The routine helps me stay in the mindset of the diet.

I am so scared about being fat on tv again that I feel like I am going to power through the next 50 days.  Here’s hoping!

Today started out good…I am just struggling with being hungry often.

I am going to go to the hcg clinic in Glendale (SlimXpress) today and talk to my girls…they are great motivators for me.

I owe you a video post…my internet has been out at home because someone moved in below us and messed everything up with the linesd :s  It’s supposed to be fixed today! I hope it is!

Having grilled chicken for lunch…and probably dinner (not feeling creative today). I already haven’t had enough water today…so I going to work on that right now!

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