Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Lipotropics

83202_7793Can lipotropic injections really help you lose weight?

Here in sunny Los Angeles being skinny is the norm. Or at least the perceived norm, with all those skeletal models and actresses prancing about Los Angeles, it’s enough to make a “pleasantly plump” person feel downright awkward. Heck, in our Slimxpress Santa Monica Boulevard clinic, even the actresses and models are convinced they aren’t quite skinny enough. If you are feeling the pressure to be skinnier, and want to keep it healthy and natural, you may want to consider lipotropic injections.

What are lipotropic injections? What do they do?

Lipotropic injections are a mixture of vitamins, amino acids, and other natural nutrients which help the body to burn fat more efficiently and keep it from storing in the liver. They help to detoxify the body, which is very important during weight loss, as most toxins are stored in fat and released when fat is burned up during weight loss, thus re-exposing the body to the dangers of those chemicals.

The B-vitamins in our Slimxpress signature lipotropic blend, the “Buckshot” are also very helpful for fatigue and stress.

Who can benefit from lipotropic injections?

Anyone who has reached a weight loss plateau, wants more energy, or wants detoxification support.

Lipotropics can be used in conjunction with the HCG weight loss program. Lipotropic injections can also be used by those who are too lean to do HCG as a way to help lose those last 10 pounds, and slim down to a perfect Los Angeles style “aesthetic ideal.”

What kind of results can I expect?

By adding lipotropics to your sensible weight loss regime, you could lose up to an additional pound per week. Many patients report feeling improved energy on the lipotropics. Lipotropics are also a great way to break a weight loss “plateau.”

Are lipotropics safe?

Lipotropics are safe and well tolerated by most. We offer lipotropic injections under the supervision of our staff doctors in our Los Angeles, Glendale, and Anaheim, to ensure your safety.

Are lipotropic injections affordable?

We offer several cost-effective options for lipotropics for our Anaheim, Glendale, and Los Angeles patients. (insert specials info if desired)

Our friendly staff is happy to answer all of your questions, just call: 800-590-7788

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