End of Month 1

I started the HCG Diet with SlimXpress on July 28th (that was the first real diet day). I have officially done the diet for 1 month and am pleased with the results…I know I could have done better some weeks and have set some goals for this next month to be twice as successful.

Here is a recap of Month 1:


Every week I go to the SlimXpress clinic to get weighed and measured. They make sure that not only am I progressing but that I am burning fat mass and not lean muscle mass. Here are my results so far!

21 Pounds of Weight Loss

Total Inches Lost: 14.7

1 Inch Lost On My Neck

1/2 Inch Lost On My Chest

1.7 Inches Lost On My Arms

4 Inches Lost On My Midriff

7 Inches Lost On My Hips (or big booty lol)

1/2 Inch Lost On My Thighs


As I look back at the last month…I know I could have done better. I had my anniversary, my parents visit, a friend visit and an overall stressful month that sometime resulted in me making bad decisions. Going to the clinic every week is so inspiring for me. My husband is incredibly supportive and I really want to make August an amazing, blow my mind kind of month. I have company next weekend and am flying back to Texas to see my family toward the end of the month, but I have made a decision to get through August with intense focus. Monday is August 1st. My goal for August is 25 pounds.

I know I need to drink more water…I was doing great with that for a while, but the last week, not so much. I also need to quit finding excuses to cheat on my diet. I am going to be diligent about weighing myself every morning and have asked my husband, family and friends to help encourage me to focus. 

These 21 pounds lost forever feels so good! I cannot even imagine what 46 pounds down will feel…I can’t wait to know the answer to that question.


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