Day 8

Woo Hoo! Another pound down this morning. One of my absolute favorite things about this diet is the instant gratification! To wake up in the morning after working hard to stay on track all day it is AMAZING to get on the scale and see results!

I am super tired today and REALLY battling the thought of stopping to get an iced chai from my favorite local coffee place…it is made with whole milk…which is a definite cheat. I hope to report tomorrow that I did not succumb. I am drinking a giant glass of tea…hopefully this will curb my need for caffeine.

I tried to go to the park yesterday with my husband to throw the baseball around, but once we got there I couldn’t find the energy to run around for longer than 15 minutes. They do say not to work out on this diet. I don’t usually feel low on energy, but I think because I didn’t eat enough it caused a little bit of an energy defficiancy.

I am giving myself the HCG shots…just did my shot for today. This is my favorite way to take the HCG, it is sucha  good reminder every morning of the journey I am embarking on.

I have about 1.5 months before I film with ABC’s Shark Tank again…I am anxious to reach my goal! 

Will keep you posted on how the rest of today went :)

Current Weight: 195.2

Mood: Sleepy…need caffeine (but happy and motivated)

Pounds Left to Lose: 45.2

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