Colonics: A Bridge To Better Health?

Do you have issues with constipation, gas, bloating, or poor diet? Would you like a chance to help your body rid itself more effectively of toxins? Are you dieting and reaching a weight loss plateau?


Many years ago when I was a wee lass in college, I remember studying the “Galloping Gertie” the name affectionately given to the bridge that used to span the Tacoma Narrows between Gig Harbor and Tacoma Washington. Colonics can be thought of as an effective “bridge” for your health, helping to increase the rate of detoxification and elimination, and thereby increasing the effectiveness of your weight loss or overall health goals.

Sometimes, our bridges get destroyed. The colon is the main passageway, or bridge, for the removal of toxins from the body. What destroys the colon’s ability to do this? The veritable storm of modern life and modern diet. Colonics are a tremendously useful tool to repair the damage done by the poisons we willingly and unwillingly ingest on a regular basis. Galloping Gertie was built back in the early part of the 1900’s, when Tacoma was a rough and tumble port town. She was caught on film during a particularly bad storm that caused her to “gallop” so much that she was completely destroyed, ending Tacoma’s overland connection to the Olympic Peninsula. Little did I know when I watched that film in college, that I would soon be moving to the Tacoma area from North Carolina, and crossing the replacement bridge everyday!

The way colonics work is by gently and rapidly removing waste products from the large intestine, so that toxic bile which is dumped into the large intestine by the liver, is not reabsorbed.

When you diet, fat stores are liberated and burned, releasing long-stored toxins. The nastiest toxins tend to be stored in fat, which can be very damaging to the brain, blood, mood, and sense of well being, as well as potentially cancer promoting. It’s important to detoxify the body during and after dieting for this reason. Colonics are a great way to help achieve this goal.

I returned to the Tacoma area many years later as a new doc, to administer…guess what? Colonics. Ok, so I admit it, finances were a little tight…but never-the-less, I was convinced of the effectiveness of colonics for many health issues, and so felt encouraged to offer this service to patients.

I have since moved from the Tacoma area to sunnier climes, but luckily for you, there are well qualified colonic specialists available at our Tacoma clinics who would love to gently and effectively assist you in your health, well-being, detoxification, and weight loss goals.

Be well and go lightly,

Dr Penney

To schedule a colonic at our Tacoma clinic, call 800-590-7788

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