Bump in the Road

This week I was a mess…stress, hormonal wackiness, homesick. It was NOT an easy week. On top of that I had company and had to be out and about a lot. Not only was I out and about a lot, but I went to a Theme Park with a friend…and it is SOOOO hard not to eat junk food at a theme park. Overall eating out is really hard. I always assume the meat I order was cooked with some kind of oil and for the most part the veggies seem to have been cooked with oil or butter. I have been sticking with salasd when we go out…but I gave up towards the end of the week, I couldn’t stomach another bite of lettuce with salsa for dressing.

I am scared about going to the clinic tomorrow..I don’t want to have gained a pound. I have blown a week before, but didn’t gain anything…I just didn’t lose anything. Hoping to at least get that result tomorrow.

I didn’t do any crazy cheating with week besides eating like 8 animal fries from In N Out, but for lunch on Wednesday I ate a piece of pita bread with my chicken and today I ate Naan with my Chicken Masala…oh…and I had a little rice. Boo

Oh….* embarrassed face* I had like 4 chips at lunch…felt so guilty. Really dont want to do the diet forever and REALLY want to lose another 20 pounds in August so I am going to get back on the ball here! My game plan is to make sure I am diligent with my blogging because it is good accountability and to quit finding excuses to cheat.

So what I need to figure out is:

#1 What do I need to do as an alternative to eating when I am stressed/sad?

#2 What can I do to have my goal in front of me everyday so that I can keep my eyes on prize?

#3 What am I going to eat next week? (grocery shopping tomorrow)

I will answer all of these questions tomorrow…and will report about my findings at the clinic.


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