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Lighten Up This Fall and Winter

We all love the beautiful changing colors fall brings. Unfortunately the leaves aren’t the only thing that start changing in October. As the season cools and leads us inevitably to winter, many people will begin to experience some “changing colors” of their own.  According to Dr. Jeffrey Rossman, 10% of people in Northern states suffer from […]

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Support In Commercial Weight Loss Programs Makes Them More Successful

If you have tried losing weight on your own without success, you are not alone. In fact, research shows that you are the norm. A recent study followed over 9,000 adults who enrolled themselves in a popular chain of weight-loss and exercise centers in Sweden. Over a year, program clients lost an average of 11 to 25 […]

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Why Less Exercise May Drop More Pounds

It amazes me sometimes how often it seems to occur that when I read some of the latest studies into weight loss, philosophies Slimxpress has been touting for years are consistently proven to be accurate. The latest is a study into exercise’s role in weight loss, and particularly why it seems that the more we […]

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Dr. Oz’s “Green Coffee Bean Project”

There’s been a lot of interest in weight loss circles in green coffee bean extract. Recently, Dr. Oz dedicated a segment to testing the effectiveness of this extract in losing weight. A study in January, 2012 of 16 adults had shown an average of 18 lbs over 12 weeks. Dr. Oz’s team decided to follow […]

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